DANCAD3D (tm) DRAWING EDITOR, click on image for more info. and larger images. 3D ROBOTIC ANIMATION, click on image for more info. and larger images. 3D CONTOUR SURFACE, click on image for more info. and larger images. 3D CAM TOOL PATH, click on image for more info. and larger images. STEPPER MOTORS FOR CAM, click on image for more info. and larger images. DANCAM.EXE (tm) OPERATING 3D MILL, click on image for more info. and video. IM HELP STATUS, click on image for more info. and IM address.
Kodak (tm) LAD film negative scan image made with Canon XTi (tm) DSLR. Kinema Edit list Grading Levels #1 color correction tool . Kinema Edit list Grading Curves #1 color correction tool. Kinema Edit list Grading chroma Masking tool Vector display. Kinema Edit list Grading chroma Masking tool Waveform display. Kinema Edit list Grading Sharp/Soft filter tool. Kodak (tm) LAD image color corrected positive.
Click on these thumbnails for related information about my current software, features, and IM support. Hold [Shift] and click [Reload] to refresh IM thumbnail.

If are helping "Beta Test" you should report bugs and feel free to ask questions about the program's commands, it is best to e-mail me at tempnulbox (at) yahoo (dot) com and put "DANCAD3D (tm) 24x7 SUPPORT SUBMISSION" in the email subject line so your mail is not deleted as junk. See Section: 8 for more information about support related issues. I want you to ask questions so long as they are on the subject and relate to the current program's commands. If you do not get some kind of reply assume I did not get your message and resend. All submissions and correspondence become the sole property of Daniel H. Hudgins to do with as he sees fit, so stay on subject.

Welcome to the DANCAD3D.COM (tm) "Beta Test" Web site, Bulletins, Quick Start, Shortcut Index for Key Sections, Home Page Index for All Sections.

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This Web site is dedicated to the thousands of "users" of my programs, those who have helped test my programs over the last 25 or so years, and especially those who shared their experiences with me.

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Welcome to www.DANCAD3D.com (sm) "Beta Test" Web site.

"This Web Site" is dedicated to the thousands of people who have, over the many years since DANCAD3D.COM (tm) was first released about 27 years ago, have helped field test my programs and thereby helped me to improve the programs and documentation. Without the generosity of so many "Beta Testers" the programs would not be what they have become, thank you all for your help over so many years!

"This Web Site" was created by me, i.e. Dan Hudgins the author of DANCAD3D.COM (tm) et al., to be a resource for users of my programs who might be helping to "Beta Test" the current programs, documentation, and related items. I am located in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., if you would like to have a meeting you need to contact me by e-mail in advance.

"This Web Site" relates to an experimental "Beta Test" Digital Cinema and CAD/CAM system software I have been developing over many years. This Web site has some documentation relating to revisions of previous program versions and relation to more current program versions. Because some of the program's features relate only broadly to various tasks that are of use in Motion Picture production you should feel free to e-mail me for some guidance if you have trouble finding the documentation you are looking for if you want to become a "Beta Tester".

I do not have an archive of older versions of my programs here, since this Web site is mostly for testing new or revised things. The current versions have replaced the out-of-date versions anyway.

"This Web Site" is currently under construction and may under go changes, disappear, move around, or be substantially changed without notice. "This Web Site," or some of its files, may not be accessible for periods of time due to network or other problems. If you have downloaded any files from this site you should check periodically to see if revised versions have been posted, since old bugs may have been fixed, and new ones could be yet to be found.

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If you have been to this "Beta Test" Web site before, check the What's New reverse time-line for information about changes. Generally, words that are underlined are links that take your browser to related information if you click on them. The ALL SECTIONS index below links you to the major sections of "This Web Site," some of these sections have sub-sections and are organized by the section numbers through further sub-indexes. The SHORTCUT index might be useful for frequent visitors.

I wish you success in your projects, and hope you enjoy what this Web site has to offer you in assistance to achieving such success. I will thank you in advance for your help in "Beta Testing" everything, and for your help in making my new projects a success as well by reporting any bugs you find.

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Revised programs are now for download in the ZIP files, see the Downloads Section: 9.

A new batch processing de-Bayer and image processing program called DANCINEC.EXE (tm) (and variations DANCINED.EXE (tm), DANCINEW.EXE (tm), DANCINEE.EXE (tm) and dancineu for Ubuntu (tm) Linux (tm)) has been revised and posted for "Beta Test" downloading in DANCINEC.ZIP (tm), see SECTION: to download it and SECTION: for documentation about the new programs. These new programs are to be used with DANCAD87.EXE (tm) to de-Bayer True RAW data as CinemaDNG frames from real Digital Cinema Cameras, and to process BMP/CIN/DPX/TIF image frames from compressed cameras like HDSLR, Camcorders, and other cameras recording lossy compressed images.

Improvements to DANCAD87.EXE (tm) along with the new program DANCINEC.EXE (tm) make them useful for motion picture post production with various Digital Cinema cameras such as the RED ONE (tm) RED EPIC (tm) RED SCARLET (tm), Silicon Imaging SI-2K (tm), ARRI ALEXA (tm), ARRI D- 20 (tm), DELSA Origin (tm), Kinetta (tm), Sony CineAlta F23 (tm) and SONY F35 (tm), Panavision Genesis (tm), Aaton (tm), Black Magic (tm), Acam dII (tm) aka AcamdII (tm) aka Ikonoscop A-cam dII (tm), GS Vitec noX 2k (tm), Vision Research Phantom65 and PhantomHD (tm), Thomson Viper FilmStream (tm), Kinor DC2K and DC4K (tm), OptimaCine.com (sm)'s OptimaCine 2.5K (tm), Kinefinity.com (sm)'s KineRAW-S35 (tm), KineRAW-S35 'Mini' (tm), KineRAW-S16 (tm), and KineRAW-S8 (tm), and others, see INFOX37N.TXT and DANCINEC.TXT for more information, and feel free to contact me by email if you would like to make a un-compressed DI (720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 5K, 6K+, IMAX (tm)) for your feature film project.

Changes were made to the CAD programs to have them work better with FreeDOS FAT32 (tm) for Editing motion pictures with the Kinema Edit list commands. FreeDOS FAT32 (tm) may work better than Windows XP Home SP2 (tm) for some tasks or if you have problems with the high resolution graphics modes under XP (tm). Please report any issues you might have with running my programs, there may be some ways to get things working better.

The new program version dancineu (tm) is my first port of one of my Windows (tm) programs, DANCINEC.EXE (tm) to Ubuntu (tm) Linux (tm), I will be looking in to how the other programs can be ported and forked to Linux (tm) as well as Windows GUI (tm) and MAC OS 10.5 or later (tm) as time goes on, so check the What's New section from time to time to see what I have uploaded.

The Newsletter has been revised for 2013, see Section: 1.

In DANCAD16.ZIP (tm) see the INFOV37N.TXT documentation file for information about some of the newer commands, also be sure to read the previous INFOV37J.TXT, INFOV37K.TXT, INFOV37L.TXT, and INFOV37M.TXT documentation in SECTION:, SECTION:, SECTION:, and SECTION: if you have not done so yet since the protected memory mode versions of the programs work a little differently from past real memory mode program versions. Text from INFOV37N.TXT is also in SECTION:

See SECTION: for downloading the new v3.7N, and see SECTION: for downloading the current v2.7I program versions.

The special Cinema programs are in the Utilities part of the Download sections. There are several versions of the de-Bayer program in the distribution DANCINEC.ZIP (tm) since those share common files in that distribution.

Sometimes I see reports that people trying to get in contact with me say they had problems, or did not get an answer. Such problems, if they exist, are probably do to faults in the transmission of the message, like spam filter issues. If you are a "Beta Tester" please be persistent in trying to contact me about issues relating to this Web site and the program's commands. You should see at least a comment added to the FAQ relating to your issue, and in most cases I would reply by e-mail if you contact me that way as outlined in Section: 8.

Because of network service interruptions, power failures, and other matters, some submissions submitted may have not been received, so I ask you to please re-submit if you do not get a reply.

To make room on this INDEX.HTM page, bulletins and some other text regarding problems and issues running the programs under Windows (tm) have been moved to their own SECTION: so be sure to read that section also.

This Bulletins section is for transitory notices, please see also the What's New reverse time line and the "On-Line" Newsletter for some more information about current events.

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Quick Start.

This Quick Start information is not a substitute for the more detailed information elsewhere in "this Web site", it is just a brief overview to give you a general idea about how a "Beta Tester" would get started.

Each of the programs in the Download section should for the most part be "installed" on your computer in their own folder. If you want to run more than one copy of one of the programs at the same time under Windows (tm) you should install that same program in more than one folder, since you should not run two instances of the same program from the same folder at the same time, because temporary files are made in the program's folder and so if there are two or more instances of that program running they will conflict trying to access the same files, but if the programs are running in their own folders, then there will be two different copies of the temporary file so not file sharing conflict would occur. See the information in each ZIP file that the programs come in for information about the needs of each program.

There are two CAD/CAM/DI distribution files, DANCAD3D.ZIP (tm) and DANCAD16.ZIP (tm), each containing four programs, two CAD/DI programs, and two CAM programs. The CAD/DI programs are named DANCAD3D (tm) and DANCAD87 (tm) and are similar except that DANCAD87 (tm) uses the math co-processor. The DI features of the CAD programs are only in the EXE programs, not the COM programs, that is only in DANCAD16.ZIP. The two CAM programs are named DANCAM.EXE (tm) and DANPLOT.EXE (tm), and are similar except that DANCAM.EXE (tm) is for making or scanning 3D objects and DANPLOT.EXE (tm) is for making or scanning 2D objects. The difference between the two distributions is that DANCAD3D.ZIP (tm) is the older version for computers with only 640KB of memory, and DANCAD16.ZIP (tm) is for newer computers with more than 16MB of RAM memory. The programs in DANCAD16.ZIP (tm) may have more new features as well, and would probably be the ones you would want to "Beta Test".

These programs work together to make a "complete" system for Motion Picture Post Production, designing parts, making drawings of parts, making animations and simulations of parts operating, generating cutting tool path files, and directly operating machine tools to actually manufacture the parts designed. They might also be used for several related tasks involving the decorative arts, ornamental turning, graphing, general drawing, painting, engraving, image editing, motion picture editing. motion picture color correction, motion picture sound mixing, synthetic sound generation, Nipkow Disk image conversion, G code editing, and calligraphy. Some additional files may be available for download such as accessory programs, fonts, symbols, Macros, motion picture film scanning and printer automation, motion picture film recorder construction and automation, and other related and example files and programs.

The CAD/DI programs are designed to be operated from menus or from a Macro script language, so that they can carry out tasks automatically. Likewise the CAM programs are designed to manufacture parts automatically from a tool path file which can be generated manually or automatically in different ways. Both the CAD/DI and CAM programs are designed to be operated from batch files to further automate starting, stopping, and exchanging files between the programs. A file sharing network is designed into the CAM programs for setting up a multi-port file server to share tool path, drawing, and other files between several computers, and to transmit tool path files to the machine tools.

The CAM programs are adjustable over a wide range to allow you to build a machine tool or plotter, or to convert an existing one, for direct operation from your computer without a separate CNC controller CPU or special interface card being required, just some connections to the motor drive circuits, limit switches, and home switches from and to the computers existing parallel printer port.

Major steps to get started.

  1. Read and agree to abide by the "EULA" and volunteer to become a "Beta Tester".

  2. Make a sub-directory on your harddisk for the programs.

  3. Download distribution DANCAD16.ZIP (tm) or DANCAD3D.ZIP (tm).

  4. Extract the the distribution into the sub-directory you made.

  5. Run the batch file INSTALL.BAT twice, the second time followed by INSTALL,
    (Where XXXX above is the sub-directory path you made in Step:2).

  6. Run and setup the programs for your system.

  7. You can make a short-cut for your desktop to start the programs in the usual way to avoid having to open a console window and enter the program name if you want.

The installation of the Utilities programs is similar for both MS-DOS (tm)/Windows (tm) and Ubuntu (tm) Linux (tm) you just make a unique folder and unzip those files into that folder, making sure that all files are marked with attributes for read and write permissions granted. No special installer is required for the utilities and there are *.TXT files with information in each of the distributions. If you want to make a short-cut for your desktop you can do that in the usual way.

To make room on this INDEX.HTM page, more of the Quick Start text and steps regarding installing and running the programs has been moved to SECTION: so be sure to follow that link and read that section.

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SHORTCUT INDEX FOR KEY SECTIONS (click on underlined words).

Terms of Use and "EULA" License Agreement (read these first).

What's New at This "Beta Test" Web Site.

Current HTML Version of the DANCAD3D (tm) Newsletter.

Streaming Video Lessons about my CAD and CAM Programs.

Download Latest Version 3.7N of my CAD/CAM/DI Programs for "Beta Testing".

Download Latest Version 2.7E of my Utility Programs for "Beta Testing".

Documentation about CAD/DI v3.7N (movie editing/mixing) newer and updated commands.

Documentation about DIY movie film scanner (movie negative scanning) software.

Documentation about DIY movie film recorder (movie print making) software.

Example use of Grading color correction for motion picture DI.

Documentation about upgrading to Version 2.7 and 3.7 of my CAD/CAM Programs.

Revised Macro Keyword List for Version 2.7 and 3.7 with the New Commands.

List of G and M codes supported by the Files Load Industry G code command.

Reporting Bugs Found During "Beta Testing."

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HOME PAGE INDEX FOR ALL SECTIONS (click on underlined words).

SECTION: 0 Legal notices and Disclaimers you must read before using "This Web Site" (HTML document).

SECTION: 1 Abstract, History, What's New, Newsletter, Introduction, and About this Document.

SECTION: 2 FAQ or Q&A, Question and Answer information about the programs.

SECTION: 3 Text documentation with information about the programs. Help me proofread these.

SECTION: 4 Index of Photos, Drawings, Illustrations, Tables, Graphs, Audio and Video.

SECTION: 5 Show and Tell documentation related to the programs with illustrations.

SECTION: 6 Digital Cinema program features, use, equipment, and general discussion.

SECTION: 7 General and miscellaneous information relating to Machine Design and Operation.

SECTION: 8 Contacting "The Author," FAQ Questions, Reporting Bugs, Wish List, and Order forms.

SECTION: 9 External links to other Web sites, and Internal links to download files for "Beta Testing."

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